Goodness from the sea

Our salt is unrivaled in quality, value, and consistency.

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Our Story

Isuru Salt Industries commenced operations in 1999 and has gone through many changes to meet the demands of the modern day salt user.

As the most trusted source for all-natural salt, Isuru Salt Industries is the only salt partner you need. From the commercial kitchen and snack manufacturing to retail, our extensive selection of premium salts  are carefully crafted to be the highest quality on the market.

With our large volume capacity and bulk packaging options, orders are available by the bag, pallet, or truckload for your wholesale purchasing requirements.

Please browse our website or contact us to help you find the perfect salt for you and your customers!

Salt from the sea

Our passion is making salt

We are committed towards quality, value and consistency.

Health benefits of salt

Benefits of Salt

1. Helps you stay hydrated
2. Promotes good vascular health
3. Balances electrolytes and prevents muscle cramping
4. Supports a healthy nervous system
5. Improves sleep


“Salt is born of the purest parents: the sun and the sea.” ― Pythagoras

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